Student Support Specialist job in Tucson

University of Arizona

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Your main responsibilities in this role include the following:

  • Ensure compliance with all Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) and National Registry Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) documentation, educational, and testing standards.
  • Report health educator instructional hours to the EMS degree Program Manager weekly.
  • Work with the student, the Program Manager, and the Disability Resource Center for any required student accommodations.
  • Coordinate required student skills sessions.
  • Schedule instructional space rooms in HSIB or COM for lectures, skills, exams, and breakout rooms, and communicate these room schedules to the Program Manager so the schedule of classes is updated for each semester.
  • Keep track of equipment inventory and request additional items needed to the Program Manager for ordering. Anticipate additional inventory needs for future skills days and send the list to PM for order when funds are available.
  • Preparation of regular reports for leadership – pass rates, student headcounts, demographics, retention, etc.
  • Maintain and edit D2L with content, announcements, grades, etc.
  • Complete the D2L grade sheet by the end of the course deadline and notify the Program Manager that grades are ready to post. Notify the Program Manager if an incomplete will be issued.