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If You are Looking for Jobs in Long Island City, Check out this Manager Aircraft Data Programs Job vacancy in Long Island City. The Manager of Aircraft Data Programs is responsible for all aircraft sensor data programs and reports to the Director of Communications, Navigation, Surveillance & Technical Programs (CNST). The Manager is responsible for coordinating with all departments, and external business partners on matters dealing with aircraft sensor data, Aircraft Condition Messaging Systems (ACMS), aircraft data storage, optimization and analysis, all associated operational business processes, technical systems, and supporting infrastructure to align those systems with JetBlue’s corporate objectives.

The data extracted from aircraft in a reliable and continuous manner is instrumental for the development of Machine Learning(ML) and/or analytical products & solutions to empower safe, efficient and advanced operations.

Your Duties And Responsibilities as a Manager of Aircraft Data Programs

  • Manage all Aircraft Sensor Data, Air and Ground Systems for the fleets of JetBlue
  • Manage the coordination of aircraft data analysis between supporting departments
  • Manage programs to improve Aircraft Condition Monitoring Systems (ACMS) usage with the Technical Operations Avionics Engineering team
  • Manage programs to improve the effectiveness and use of JetBlue aircraft data to improve operational and fuel efficiency.
  • Manage the cellular connectivity of aircraft sensor data systems with JetBlue’s fleet
  • Manage with Technical Operations the installation, reliability, and connectivity of all Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs) on JetBlue’s Fleet
  • Develop and manage data visualization dashboards utilizing aircraft sensor data
  • Manage relationships with IT teams to assist with Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) of data and development of new Machine Learning(ML) & analytical insights while maintaining current products.
  • Represent JetBlue at all Industry and government aircraft sensor data conferences
Job Details  
Company Name :  JetBlue
Location : Long Island City, NY, US
Job Type : Full-Time

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