Hawaiian Airlines | Flight Attendant Jobs in Phoenix, AZ, USA

Hawaiian Airlines

If you are looking for Jobs in Phoenix, you can apply for this Flight Attendant Job. As a new flight attendant, once you have completed formal training, an employer will place you on reserve status. This means you will only work when called upon to fill in for absent or vacationing employees or on extra flights. Expect to remain on reserve status for at least one year or longer. Depending on staffing, it could take up to seven years. Eventually, you will be permitted to bid on monthly assignments.

  • Service orientation: Flight attendants must be attentive to passengers’ needs.
  • Interpersonal skills: You must possess excellent communication skills and have a professional and conservative appearance. In addition, your ability to empathize with, persuade and coordinate your actions with others, will allow you to interact well with customers, fellow flight attendants, pilots, and other airline staff. You will have more job prospects if you possess at least two years of customer service experience.
  • Active listening: Your ability to understand and respond to your customers will allow you to perform your job well.
  • Verbal communication: Since safety is your primary concern, you must be able to clearly convey instructions to your passengers and crew.
  • Physical requirements: Employers will require you to meet a certain height requirement to reach overhead storage bins, of between 5’0 and 5’11 (without shoes). Your vision must be correctable 20/40 or better. You must also maintain good physical fitness, and practice good grooming, hygiene, and etiquette.
  • Training: All newly hired flight attendants receive three to six weeks of formal on-the-job training from their employers. After completing an employer’s initial training program, individuals need to get certification from the FAA. Flying on other types of aircraft requires additional training and certification.
  • Critical thinking: The ability to use logic to solve problems and make decisions, especially in stressful situations, is essential.
  • Ability to relocate: Flight attendants must have a willingness and ability to relocate according to operational needs.

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